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United World Against Diabetes (UWAD) is an NGO working for diabetes health and widespread rural outreach, directly impacting the lives of underserved communities in the remotest of villages and urban slums in India.
UWAD is a leader in diabetes health care and awareness. UWAD strength lies in its Human Resource who are enriched with vast experience of implementing village to national level development programs in diverse sectors.

UWAD Implement Impactful Multi-sector CSR Initiatives and have partnered with reputed public sector enterprises and corporate through public and private partnerships at the community, national and global level, and our work spread across these following areas:

Good Health and Well Being (SDG3, 5)

Health is vitally important for every human being at all ages and health is our most important commodity. India is a diabetes capital in the world. The realization of the right to health implies that each country will put in place health services that are available in any circumstance, accessible to everyone, qualitative and satisfactory. UWAD is working towards Ensuring Healthy lives and Promote wellbeing for all sections of society, through these following flagship initiatives:
• Diabetes Free India Walk
• Medical Health camps
• Free Medicines for underprivileged people
• NCD Awareness and Prevention Drive
• Old Age Health Care
• Vision for Elder People- Free Eye Glasses Drive
• Type 1 Diabetes and School Drive
• Empowerment Women’s Against Diabetes

Environment Conservation (SDG 6, 13, 14 And 15)

Clean environment promote healthy life and this is a basic right of every citizen and it is the current generation’s responsibility to pass a healthy and clean environment to the next generation. UWAD works towards maintaining a healthy, natural environment by protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural resources and the ecological communities that inhabit them, in the following ways:
• Climate Change and Human Health Studies
• Plantation – Plant A Tree Initiative
• Medicinal Plant Conservation Drive
• Local Medicinal Herbs for Human Health Care
• Clean Drinking Water and Health Drive


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